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Is Running A Marathon Healthy?

Is running a marathon healthy? In today's video Coach Nate weighs the pro's (purpose, fitness, new friends) with the cons (increased risk for injury, weight gain, loss of strength) and tells you what you can do to stay as healthy as possible if you do choose to train for a marathon one day! TRY our […]


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some clips from the 2018 mont blanc marathon and my thoughts. Thanks for following along and hope your running is going well! SUBSCRIBE: TRAINING PLANS: SUPPORT ON PATREON: FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Marathon Running Technique: How to Prevent Muscle Cramps

Learning how to prevent muscle cramps comes down to knowing what you can and can't control. Here are 3 tips for avoiding cramps during that next marathon! Download your FREE Full Marathon Training Guide HERE! All you need to know to run your BEST race. http:// Connect With Us For More Great Training! Check out […]

Running my first marathon – things I learned

I used to be overweight and mainly sedentary so running a marathon for me was a massive achievement. I share my experience of running my first marathon (The 2015 Belgrade Marathon). ► ► Buy ’Carbivore’ Tees Music:

WHAT TO EAT FOR RUNNING | Before, During, After | Marathon Training Episode 3

THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE! — ————————————————————————————— Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel & marathon series 🙂 In this video I will be discussing EVERYTHING you need to know about what to eat & how to fuel before, during, and after running. What you eat is SO important and can really have a huge […]

TOP 3 RUNNING TIPS for BEGINNERS | Couch to Marathon!

THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE! Hal Higdon Training Guides: Hi guys! Hope you enjoy this running-related video! I had such a blast running my first marathon, I hope everyone who is interested in running makes use of my tips and challenges themselves with a new race in the future! Thanks for watching xoxo Don't forget […]

The Sage Running Podcast Episode 5 : 10km to Marathon to Ultra Training

Sandi and I answer some Q and A, what's up next race-wise and more! SUBSCRIBE ON iTunes: SUPPORT ON PATREON: FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Best Hydration Running Packs & Vests — Trail, Marathon & Ultra (2019 UPDATED)

CHECK PRICE on AMAZON ↓↓↓↓ ➡ Nathan VaporAir – ➡ Salomon Advanced Skin – ➡ CamelBak Circuit – ➡ Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest – ▬ ADVERTISER DISCLOSURE ▬ RIZKNOWS purchased these products. We received no monetary compensation from any of these brands to provide this video. In order make our business […]

How To Run A Sub 4 Hour Marathon Race! | Running Training & Tips

All runners and triathletes want to run fast, and most will have a goal time when racing. 4 hours for a marathon is a common target to aim for and in this video, Heather explains how to train and race to beat your personal best and break the 4 hour barrier! Subscribe to GTN: […]