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Transitioning to a Zero Drop Shoe – Running Strength | Part 2

Transitioning to a zero drop/minimalist shoe requires strong, conditioned feet. That’s right. While those maximalist cushioned shoes can help you go longer distances – they do you no favors in the strong foot department. Miss part 1? Watch that one first to get the big picture. So in this video, Coach Nate shows you the […]

Transitioning to a Zero Drop Shoe – Injury Prevention | Part 3

Transitioning to a zero drop shoe demands a proactive injury prevention strategy. Specifically, tight, stiff feet and ankles will do you no favors. So let’s use this opportunity to raise the bar and get the toes, plantar, and ankles more mobile and ready to go. Exercises in today’s video include: 00:40 – Big Toe Raises […]

Sprinting vs Distance Running | Why You Need Both

Do you practice speed training with your distance training or vice versa? There are inherent benefits from both sprinting and shuffling, and today, we talk about each! TRY our Training Club for FREE – Complete training programs with daily videos and coaching support! http://therunexperience.com/training-plans/training-club Then, download our FREE mobile app with all our training content! […]

How To Double Your Running Distance In 30 Days

Isn’t it crazy to think that today’s “long run” might one day be considered your “short run” ? Learn how to double your running distance in 30 days! Are you a healthy and active individual? Get your free life insurance rate quote from Health IQ here: http://healthIQ.com/TRE TRY our Training Club for FREE – Complete […]

Is Running A Marathon Healthy?

Is running a marathon healthy? In today's video Coach Nate weighs the pro's (purpose, fitness, new friends) with the cons (increased risk for injury, weight gain, loss of strength) and tells you what you can do to stay as healthy as possible if you do choose to train for a marathon one day! TRY our […]