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Transitioning to a Zero Drop Shoe – Running Strength | Part 2

Transitioning to a zero drop/minimalist shoe requires strong, conditioned feet. That’s right. While those maximalist cushioned shoes can help you go longer distances – they do you no favors in the strong foot department. Miss part 1? Watch that one first to get the big picture. So in this video, Coach Nate shows you the […]

Transitioning to a Zero Drop Shoe – Injury Prevention | Part 3

Transitioning to a zero drop shoe demands a proactive injury prevention strategy. Specifically, tight, stiff feet and ankles will do you no favors. So let’s use this opportunity to raise the bar and get the toes, plantar, and ankles more mobile and ready to go. Exercises in today’s video include: 00:40 – Big Toe Raises […]

Altra Trail Running Shoes | Wide Toe Box / Zero Drop | My Thoughts On Them

In today’s video I will be talking about the Altra Trail Running Shoes I purchased for running in the Mt Hood 50 trail race. I talk a little bit about the shoes as well as show you footage of me actually using them on my first time out with these specific shoes. Enjoy! #QOTD What […]

How To Choose the Right Heel-Toe Drop for Running Shoes

See the full post: http://strength running .com/2016/10/heel-toe-drop-running-shoes/ Heel-toe drop is the height differential between the heel and toebox of your running shoes. It can range from 0mm to over 12mm. How do you know which drop is right for you? Coach Jason Fitzgerald explains how to effectively rotate shoes and use them as “training tools” […]

Transitioning To A Zero Drop Shoe Without Dropping Mileage Part 1

Want to transition into a zero drop or minimalist shoe? Well this video series is for you. Spending *some* time in a lower drop shoe can really help strengthen your feet & give you a better sense of the ground – improving your run form. But if you make the jump too quickly, your soft […]

Sprinting vs Distance Running | Why You Need Both

Do you practice speed training with your distance training or vice versa? There are inherent benefits from both sprinting and shuffling, and today, we talk about each! TRY our Training Club for FREE – Complete training programs with daily videos and coaching support! http://therunexperience.com/training-plans/training-club Then, download our FREE mobile app with all our training content! […]

My First Half Marathon Experience & What I Learned | NEVER HAVE I EVER

1 month of intense training and 1 month of mentally preparing, I can now say I ran a 1/2 marathon…nonstop. I am super proud of my time: 2 hours, 10 minutes as I never considered myself a runner up until 2 months ago. Preparing for a 1/2 marathon meant running at least 3x a week […]

How to run a faster half marathon time with these 8 half marathon preparation tips and tricks

Run your fastest half marathon race with these 8 easy half marathon tips and tricks. Absolutely nail your half marathon training with this how to guide to half marathon training. For running coaching email: kalclashfitness@gmail.com In this video we look at running nutrition tips for improving your half marathon training and race. We look at […]

Half Marathon Training | Essential Tips and Workouts for Beginners

Training for your first Half Marathon? Struggling to wade through the numbers, paces, and mileage totals? Here are some simple straight forward tips for training for the 13.1 mile race! Coach Shaun, a 66min Half Marathon Runner, gives you some key workouts and advice for developing mental strength and focus. Join our Training Club for […]

6 week half marathon training plan

In this short tutorial I take you through some of the strategies and rules you need to be aware of to plan a 6 week half marathon training plan for yourself. In fact, you can use the rules to plan for just about any distance or time period. All coaches and all athletes are different […]