Transitioning to a Zero Drop Shoe – Injury Prevention | Part 3

Transitioning to a zero drop shoe demands a proactive injury prevention strategy. Specifically, tight, stiff feet and ankles will do you no favors. So let’s use this opportunity to raise the bar and get the toes, plantar, and ankles more mobile and ready to go.

Exercises in today’s video include:
00:40 – Big Toe Raises (this is harder than it looks)
02:21 – Big Toe Extension
03:03 – Narrow Squat Hold (to challenge your dorsiflexion in the ankle)
04:48 – Foot Rolling With a Lacrosse Ball (really a staple in any runner’s mobility diet)

Remember, transitioning to a zero drop shoe takes as long as it takes – based on your lifestyle and athletic background. Follow the steps laid out in this video series to ensure a speedier and frustration-free transition,k and reap the rewards of getting more connected to the ground!

Are you mid-process right now? Let us know how it’s going in the comments.

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