Transitioning to a Zero Drop Shoe – Running Strength | Part 2

Transitioning to a zero drop/minimalist shoe requires strong, conditioned feet. That’s right. While those maximalist cushioned shoes can help you go longer distances – they do you no favors in the strong foot department.

Miss part 1? Watch that one first to get the big picture.

So in this video, Coach Nate shows you the benefits of shedding those shoes and working specifically on foot strengthening exercises to improve your transition and to make you a stronger more resilient human.

Exercises in today’s video include:
01:58 – Barefoot Single Leg Balance (3 x 30-60 s per foot)
03:52 – Barefoot Line Jumps (3 x 10-20 per side)
04:45 – Single Leg Calf Raises (3 x 8-10 per side)
There’s certainly more exercises to do but, consider this an excellent start in your process!

In part 3, Nate will spend time on the injury prevention and mobility strategies you can use to make this process even smoother.

How strong are your feet right now? Be honest (we won’t judge) and drop a comment below….

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